Book Club

Tonight was our monthly book club meeting.  Our book club is a small group of ladies and we take turns picking a book each month to read together and discuss.  The January book was River Bodies by Karen Katchur.   I was traveling last week for work and didn’t finish the book yet.  What I’ve read of it so far I like.  I’ll definitely finish it this week and post a review later.   We were able to discuss it tonight without giving away too many spoilers.

I finished another book today, The Love Letter by Lucinda Riley.   I have read all of her books and she is definitely one of my favorite authors.   This book was so good.  I definitely recommend – 5 stars!!!  I did the Audible version and the narration was great also.   I listened during my four hour road trip for work last week and all the way home as well.  Sometimes for very long drives that like I’ll get bored and need to switch it up to listening to music or something else.  But this book was fantastic and kept my attention the whole time.  It’s the kind of book that once I got where I was going I wanted to stay in the car and keep listening.   There were a couple of moments where I got a little mad at the author, but I was mostly happy with the ending so all is well.

So, back to book club.  I seriously love my book club, y’all!  And I’m not just saying that because one of the other members has read my blog and might be reading this post!   (Hi!  *waves*)   I genuinely enjoy the time out with other women.  We talk about the book, our lives and how things are going, our family, diet and weight loss tips, our jobs, our kids or pets, and all kinds of just random stuff sometimes.  I think it’s important to have time with friends like that and I’m so lucky to have found them.

So, what about you all?   Any of you in a book club or other fun group like that with friends?   What are you reading currently?

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