Day 2 – Small Changes

First things first – how did I do with my two baby step goals?  Not terrible, but not great.  I did drink at least 64 ounces of water if coffee counts.  I think coffee with no cream or sugar should definitely count.  I’m normally a “have a little coffee with my cream and sugar” kind of person.  So, the fact that I had two cups of coffee today, both with only Truvia to sweeten it and no cream at all is progress to me.  I only had two packs of Truvia in each coffee too, which some people think is way too much, but I quite like my two packets thank you very much.   Maybe I’ll work my way down to one packet in the future, but come on.  I normally have at least 4 Tbsp of creamer and a couple Truvia and maybe even a little sugar on top of that.   You know what was really cool about the coffee I had today, I could actually taste the coffee!  🙂

So, next baby step goal – FitBit steps – not as great.   As of right now I’m a little over 5,000 steps.  I’ll get in some more before bed, but I doubt I’ll hit the 7,000 mark.  Oh well, I won’t let it get me down.  Tomorrow is a new day to try again!

I did get a little bit of workout time in tonight.  I’m doing online personal training.  She posts videos each day and I’m supposed to follow along doing as much of it as I can.  I did almost half of it tonight.  I didn’t stop because I couldn’t finish.  I stopped because my five year wanted all of my attention and I was trying to check on the dinner that I was cooking at the same time.   My arms are already sore and tomorrow I probably won’t be able to wave at anyone.  But that’s good, right?

Now, on to dinner.  I know I’m trying to do a low carb and make healthier choices, but I had bought all of the stuff to make tonight’s dinner before the New Year and I wanted to go ahead and try it out.   It was actually really good!  It was definitely not low carb though.  It was a dish called Chicken & Noodles that was sort of a cross between chicken and dumplings and chicken noodle soup.  It had the consistency of chicken and dumplings, only with noodles instead.  I made it in the instant pot and it was a one dish, super easy meal.

Instant Pot Chicken & Noodles 


  • 2 small cans cream of chicken soup
  • 2 small cans chicken broth
  • 1 stick of butter
  • 1 lb frozen chicken breasts
  • 1 24 ounce package of Rheams frozen egg noodles
  • Put chicken in Instant Pot first
  • Pour in the 2 cans of soup, chicken broth and butter on top
  • Put the lid on the Instant Pot and use poultry setting for 15 minutes
  • Natural Pressure release
  • Pull chicken out and shred
  • Put chicken back into broth and add the bag of frozen noodles
  • Stir and put lid back on pot
  • Set the Instant Pot to the Soup setting for 5 min.
  • When complete, use quick release, but very slowly to avoid starchy spray

This is the recipe that I used but I made a couple of changes.

After cooking the chicken, I left it out while I cooked the noodles.  After reading a few reviews I decided to cook the noodles for 9 minutes instead of 5 and they turned out great.  After cooking the noodles I added the shredded chicken back to the pot and mixed everything up.   My husband and my five year old LOVED it.  Both of them had a second helping.

Alright, that’s enough for today.  I need get a few more steps in before bed.  Goodnight, all!   See you tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Day 2 – Small Changes

  1. Do you love your Instant pot? I’m thinking about saving up for one in time for my birthday. What are your favourite things to make in it? And is it better than a regular pressure cooker 🙂 apologies for so many questions but I live in Oz so I would need to order on Amazon and pay lots of postage. Is it easy to convert your regular recipes to make in it 🙂 Happy New Year!


    1. Hedwig

      Hey! Happy New Year! Thanks for commenting. Yes, I do love my Instant Pot. One of my favorite things to do is boiled eggs for weekly meal prep, because they peel so easily when pressure cooked. It’s like the shells just fall off the egg almost. 😛

      I’ve never used a regular pressure cooker so I can’t really compare. I’ve always been scared of a regular one, but this one seems pretty safe to me when used properly. In addtion to boiled eggs I’ve made macaroni and cheese, beef stew, spaghetti, meatloaf & potatoes (at the same time), and chicken for tacos or chicken salad. Sometimes things aren’t necessarily faster in the Instant Pot (spaghetti for example) but you only use one pot so less cleanup and it’s a set and forget it, which allows me to clean up or have time with the kids or just sit and breathe for a minute. 🙂 The Instant Pot brand has a saute feature so I can brown the ground beef right in the pot and not mess up another dish. If I use extra lean ground beef I don’t even worry about straining it, just add the noodles, the sauce, some water and set and forget. 🙂

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      1. Happy New Year to you too!! Sounds pretty great to me! I think I’ll get one for my birthday 🙂 Who doesn’t love one pot cooking _ less waning up is always a bonus. Now you have got me thinking about Mac n Cheese!! yummy!! Thanks for helping me decide 🙂 xo

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