About Me

Hello!  Here’s a little about me.   I’m a:

  • Wife – I’ve been married almost 10 years to my best friend
  • Mom – We have 2 kids: a 7 year old boy and 3 year old girl
  • IT Manager – I manage the Help Desk for communications company
  • Karaoke Diva – I don’t get out to karaoke as much as I’d like (probably only twice a year now) but I love to sing and would go karaoke every night if I could
  • Bookworm – I have loved to read as long as I can remember.  I average about 1 book every week and half – depending on the book
  • Audible Junkie – I’ve been listening to audio books for about 7 years and I’m totally addicted.  With work and 2 kids, sometimes my commute and lunch hour are the only time I get to read
  • Foodie – My husband and I joke that we’re “wannabe foodies” – we love the cooking channel and we love to try new things – but at the same we’re both picky eaters
  • World of Warcraft Geek – My hubby and I have been playing WoW for 11 years – Alliance FTW!
  • Fantasy Fangirl – I love Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones and anything in that genre (books and movies)