Reading Nook

I want a reading nook.

Actually, I want a lot of things.   But a reading nook is definitely on the list.   I love to scroll through Google images or Pinterest looking at reading nooks.   I can’t decide if I want one with a lot of natural light or one that is more dark and cozy and lit with only twinkle lights.   The problem is, I live in a 3 bedroom house with 4 people so they aren’t any spare rooms to make my reading haven.   If I really want to make this happen, I’m going to have to find a corner somewhere and there aren’t many to choose from.

My husband and I have a large bedroom so I could probably find a bit of room off to the side, but it would be very small.   The problem is right now this area has an entertainment center, a small trampoline, and my other exercise equipment.  There is a chair that might work.  He calls it my “old lady chair” because I bought it at an estate sale and it’s very plain and simple.  But it’s comfy for sitting, just not for long periods of time.  We have sky chairs that we bought at the Renaissance Festival years ago (10 years ago to be exact) and they have never been opened.  I could probably put one of those in this space and it would be idea for a lazy afternoon of reading.   But I’m holding out for a screened in porch, so I don’t want to commit them to a bedroom reading nook just yet.

Which leads me to my next idea – a screened in porch.  This probably won’t go the way I want because things rarely do.  But I would LOVE to have a screened in porch with a large comfy sofa or chaise lounge for reading.  I’m not sure how the sofa would stay dry or if they make weatherproof comfy sofas, but this would be a terrific place to have a little reading nook.  I think about this and picture myself curled up on the couch on a rainy day, cuddled under a blanket and drinking a cup of coffee or hot chocolate while reading and listening to the rain.  My grandmother had a screened in porch and I loved spending time out there.  I remember coming out there to sit with her each day after school and visit.   We would both rock in rocking chairs or in the gilder that she had and talk about anything and everything.   I even remember playing rummy out there with her, more than once.  Other times when I was there by myself I could curl up in a rocker or on the carpet with a blanket and a book and not a care in the world.   Those were some of the best days of my life.

Maybe I don’t want a reading nook.   Maybe what I really want is a time machine so I can go back live those days again.

What about you?   Do you have a place that you like to read?